California’s top, trusted healthcare attorneys

Our firm’s goal is simple; to protect our clients’ practices so that they can thrive both in their businesses and their professions. Why we do what we do is just as clear: We love being a partner in our clients’ success.


We are dedicated to adding value to your practice. We understand that if we do our job right, we can minimize your liabilities and give you peace of mind. And if you have peace of mind, you can focus on your work and grow your practice. This principle guides our client relationships.


Specialized Knowledge of Health Law.

Our office focuses exclusively on the legal needs of healthcare professionals, not other industries. We continually write, teach and consume information related to health law. Unlike other business attorneys, we understand the nuances of your practice and can better assist you with your business transactions.


Our Firm Is Nothing Without Our Clients.

Everything worthwhile about our firm is the result of the work entrusted to us by our clients. That work fuels our business and allows us to do what we love. Above all, our clients’ work lets us make an impact in their lives. And so, we believe that our firm is nothing without our clients. This belief informs how we interact with our clients and helps us decide how we should run our business.


Build Great Systems, Produce Great Results.

The legal profession is old and averse to change. One should not assume things are right just because tradition dictates as much. We believe in questioning assumptions, doing our research, and creating better business systems to consistently produce an excellent work product. To do this, we lean on new technologies and always seek ways to improve the way we work for our firm and our clients.

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Lead and Serve with High Emotional Intelligence.

Our clients come to us at inflection points of their career. They look to us not just for legal guidance but for a counselor who empathizes with the impact of the decisions they are about to make. We believe in having a finely tuned emotional ear for those we work with, whether clients, co-workers, or opposing counsel to achieve better communication and solve real problems.