We strive to be industry leaders: continually writing about and lecturing on topics related to health law. We are curious: always consuming articles and books that help to strengthen our knowledge of our clients’ practice. We seek connection: we bring our
interests to the office, discussing family, music, and art, and seek a deeper understanding of our clients, including their background, goals and aspirations.


We are dedicated to adding value to your practice. We understand that if we do our job right, we can minimize your liabilities and give you peace of mind. And if you have peace of mind, you can focus on your work and grow your practice. This principle guides our client relationships.


Specialized Knowledge of Health Law

Our office focuses exclusively on the legal needs of healthcare professionals, not other industries. We continually write, teach and consume information related to health law. Unlike other business attorneys, we understand the nuances of your practice and can better assist you with your business transactions.


Commitment to Superior Client Service

Everything worthwhile about our work is the result of our relationship with our clients. The work entrusted to us: fuels our business; sustains our employment; and allows us to refine our craft. We believe, therefore, that our firm is nothing without our clients. This belief informs every aspect of our day to day work the Pacific HLG- from our interactions with our clients to making decisions about how we practice.


Efficient Solutions that Reduce Client Costs

As an industry leader, we pride ourselves on providing you with informative, effective and cost- efficient legal solutions. By focusing exclusively on healthcare transactions, we have developed the experience necessary to handle most of our matters on project based flat fee billing approaches. No need to deal with attorneys running up bills unnecessarily.

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A Relationship that Adds Value to Your Practice

At the Pacific HLG, we understand that by doing our job right, we can minimize your liabilities and give your peace of mind. With a decade of experience in health law, we understand the nuances of guiding doctors through their practice transitions. We use this experience, coupled with our specialized knowledge of your field and our industry contacts, to add value to your practice.