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We Protect Your Investment, So You Can Grow Your Practice

Most healthcare providers graduate professional school with two objectives in mind, to (1) provide great treatment to their patients, and (2) secure their own financial future in the process. Given the tremendous work doctors put into becoming licensed and the steep cost of professional school, these are worthy goals. Unfortunately, most dental, medical and veterinary schools fail to prepare their graduates with basic business and legal concepts of starting and running a healthcare practice.

For those doctors seeking to start their own practice, this gap in knowledge works as a tremendous blind spot. At best, it creates unnecessary anxiety when starting a dental, medical, or other healthcare practice. At worst, this knowledge gap leads to costly mistakes that prevent new healthcare practices from reaching their true potential.

Fortunately, there’s a silver lining. At the Pacific Health Law Group, we focus exclusively on the legal needs of healthcare professionals. We understand that by doing our job right, we can minimize your liabilities and give you peace of mind. And if you have peace of mind, you can focus on your work and grow your practice. This principle guides our client relationships.

Why Hire a Health Care Attorney to Assist You with Your Practice Formation?

In addition to normal start-up issues, doctors looking to start a new healthcare practice must comply with additional regulations promulgated by the boards of their professions. Unlike general business attorneys, our Los Angeles healthcare startup attorneys work exclusively with healthcare providers and understand these nuances intimately.

Whether it is complying with the Moscone-Knox Act and professional board regulations in setting up a professional corporation, modifying commercial leases to suit a doctor’s needs, or understanding the myriad of issues doctors face when starting a group practice, our attorneys provide specialized knowledge of health law issues that a general business attorney cannot.

Practice Start-Up Services

At the Pacific Health Law Group, PC, we pride ourselves in leveraging our healthcare knowledge to provide our clients with informative, efficient, and cost-effective legal solutions. For over ten years, we have worked with dentists, physicians, and other healthcare professionals to assist with their practice start-up needs.

Our formation work includes:

  • Professional Incorporations
  • Commercial Office Leases
  • Partnership & Shareholder Agreements
  • Debt Financing & Loan Documents
  • Management Service Relationships
  • Practice Expansion

Who We Serve

dental-assistant-healthcare-attorneyWhether it is a new dentist building her first dental office, an optometrist teaming with a large national chain to form a practice, or a group of physicians starting a partnership, our office can provide the necessary guidance to protect your investment so you can grow your practice. Our clients include:

  • Dentists
  • Physicians
  • Optometrists
  • Veterinarians

If you would like to hire our office to assist you with your healthcare practice formation, please call (310) 776-5384. Our firm provides free consultations and cost-efficient flat fees for most transactions.