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No matter the type of business that you operate, having an experienced Los Angeles business attorney as part of your team is a smart move. Indeed, even if you’re not planning for major changes to your business in the immediate future, an attorney can provide a resource for mitigating risks and offering smart counsel when you considering making any decision that may have a legal impact. At the Pacific Health Law Group, our Los Angeles business attorneys are prepared to provide you with the representation you require.

How a Los Angeles Business Attorney Provides an Advantage

Working with a Los Angeles business attorney provides your business with a huge advantage. Indeed, our Los Angeles business attorneys can assist your business with:

  • Business formation. If you are planning on starting your own business, working with a business formation attorney is key. When you are creating a business, there are a lot of considerations and legal requirements to keep in mind, including entity type, employee hiring, tax status, business name, and business registration.
  • Mergers and acquisitions. As your business grows and expands, you may wish to merge with another business or acquire or be acquired by another company. Mergers and acquisitions are legally complex maneuvers that include complicated contracts – don’t attempt to enter a merger or acquisition without legal counsel.
  • Labor law compliance. Who you hire, how much they work, what they’re paid, benefits you have to offer, and more are all issues that are governed, to some extent, by both state and federal laws. Our attorneys want to make sure that your business is in compliance with all labor laws, and can help you to implement policies to ensure that you are operating within regulations.
  • Your business will probably have dozens of different contracts in place, ranging from contracts with a landlord if you’re leasing a property to employee contracts to contracts with suppliers and more. Before you enter into a contract, it is important that you understand both your obligations and your rights under the contract. Our attorneys both draft and review contracts to ensure they are legally sound, and that your best interests are protected.
  • Planning for the future. We know that planning for the future is a huge part of peace of mind and overall success, which is why our lawyers make planning for your and your business’ future a top priority. We can help you to decide what to do with your business in the coming years, as well as what will become of your business when you are no longer able to manage it.

Business Types We Represent

We represent all business and entity types throughout Los Angeles. This includes:

  • Partnerships;
  • Corporations;
  • Limited Liability Corporations;
  • Sole Proprietorships; and
  • S Corporations.

We also offer legal services to specialty business types, such as dentists, doctors, optometrists, and veterinarians.

Running a Company without an Attorney is Risky Business

Attempting to run a company without an attorney is like trying to cure cancer without a doctor; it may be possible, but it’s never recommended. When you don’t have an attorney on your side who is able to review your business decisions and plan, you risk making costly errors that could put your business in jeopardy. Indeed, something as seemingly small as failing to keep thorough enough records could get you into legal trouble, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

When you hire an attorney, your attorney works on your behalf by:

  • Helping you make sound business decisions that avoid legal complications and foster healthy business growth; and
  • Giving sound advice if a legal hiccup does occur, allowing you to mitigate the worst of outcomes.

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When you choose our law firm, you are choosing to work with Los Angeles business attorneys who have more than a decades’ worth of business experience behind their name, and are well-versed in myriad business types and all California business laws and regulations. Further, you are getting an attorney who cares about your business and understands that your business has unique issues that demand personalized legal attention rather than a cookie-cutter approach.

Our lawyers can help you navigate a specific issue, or can serve as a go-to anytime you need legal advice. To learn more about our talented Los Angeles business attorneys today and what we can do for your business, please call us at 310-776-5384, or contact us by email today.


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