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For optometrists who are considering opening their own optometry practices, or those who have already established businesses and are looking for counsel regarding sound business practices, working with a Los Angeles business attorney with a focus in optometry business law is ideal. An experienced attorney can provide you and your business with industry-specific information and a targeted strategy that is aimed at business success and personal financial security. To schedule a consultation with the Los Angeles optometry attorneys at the Pacific Health Law Group today, please contact us by phone or online.

Our Optometry Business Law Practices Areas

Our experienced attorneys are prepared to help you form your optometry business, or aid your business in its growth and success. We guide business owners through all areas of business law and operation, including:

  • Business formation. We assist with everything from determining which type of entity you will form (i.e. corporation or partnership); understanding the tax consequences and liability issues surrounding business formation; and registering your business with the State of California, amongst other things. A misstep during the business formation process can be costly, and set you back in terms of how long it takes to get your business running, or even have other long-term consequences. Our attorneys are highly knowledgeable in the different forms of business entity and can help you to create a business that protects your interests.
  • Employment law. California and federal statutes provide a complex framework of rules and regulations governing the employer-employee relationship. With extensive experience in labor and employment law matters, our office is ready and equipped to assist optometrists and their optometry practices with their employment law concerns. Our services include associate and specialty employment agreements, optometry employee manuals and handbooks, state and federal labor law counseling, and trade secret protection.
  • Real estate transactions and lease agreements. Your optometry business requires a physical space to operate, which means that you will either need to purchase or lease that space. Onerous leases can pose complications when running an optometry office, but purchasing space isn’t always realistic, either. We can help you weigh the advantages and drawbacks of each, and will review all contracts and documents related to a lease/purchase to ensure that your interests are protected.
  • Buy-sell agreements. If you have been in the optometry business and have owned your own practice for years, you may be ready to get out and are thinking about selling your business. Or, if you are hoping to open your own practice, buying an existing practice may be a sound option. Buy-sell agreements can be complicated to understand, and if you’re not careful, small provisions in contracts with vague language can have damaging effects. Let our attorneys review a buy-sell agreement, and represent you during negotiations.
  • Contract creation. All businesses rely on contracts. There are contracts for leasing a building, hiring employees, working with patients, dealing with suppliers, and more. Contracts are legally binding agreements, so understanding the provisions of a contract and what you’re getting and what you’re obligated to do per the terms of a contract is important.
  • Your optometry practice must operate in compliance with State of California regulations in order to remain in good standing and mitigate certain consequences. Laws with which you must remain in compliance touch upon things like advertising, the optometrist-patient relationship, record keeping, and more.

Your Business Is Unique – So Is Our Law Firm

Being an optometrist and owning an optometry business may have some similarities to owning other business types but it is not the same thing. Optometrists face unique issues and have specific concerns regarding business success and longevity, and business and personal financial stability.

Our law firm is unique, too; we offer a customized, one-on-one approach to business planning for optometry businesses. Our attorneys have experience helping businesses like yours, and we can provide you with the knowledgeable legal counsel you’re looking for. When you hire an inexperienced attorney who isn’t familiar with your business type, nor the myriad issues unique to your business, you may end up wasting your time and money.

Contact Our Los Angeles Optometry Business Attorneys Today 

At the Pacific Health Law Group, we are dedicated to adding value to your optometry practice. We provide legal services that are tailored to your needs and have more than a decade of experience behind us. When you call our legal team for services, we minimize business risks, including the risk of costly litigation, and work hard to protect your business and personal interests.

To learn more about how working with our law firm can benefit your optometry business in Los Angeles, please contact us today to schedule an initial consultation. We can be reached online, or by phone at 310-776-5384.


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