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A U.S. News Report found that veterinarians rank among the top ten healthcare jobs. And while most veterinarians are satisfied with their work and happy to work as an associate, a growing number of veterinarians are striking out on their own, opening a clinic, mobile practices, and boarding facilities. Striking out on one’s own can be a difficult task.

However, having an experienced veterinary attorney can add value to your new practice by helping you define a clear plan for a new clinic, while also mitigating some of the risks associated with starting a new business. 

How Our Firm Can Help Your Veterinary Practice

When you hire a healthcare attorney who is experienced in veterinary law–and not just general business law–you are hiring an attorney who understands issues that are unique to your provisions, including veterinary business formation, veterinary-specific business agreements, and regulatory compliance matters.

At the Pacific Health Law Group, PC, we pride ourselves in leveraging our experience in the veterinary industry to help doctors with their business needs on a cost-efficient and effective basis. 

Starting a Veterinary Practice

Starting a new veterinary practice can be a daunting task. Whether you choose to start a brick-and-mortar clinic or mobile practice, our firm provides strategic legal advice to help veterinarians choose the right practice model, comply with state regulations, and negotiate veterinary leases to provide a secure location for the long term.

Click on the articles below for a checklist of issues to consider before starting a new veterinary practice. 

  • Checklist for Establishing a Professional Veterinary Corporation
  • What to Consider When Structuring a Group Veterinary Practice
  • Five Lease Mistakes that Can Harm Your New Veterinary Clinic
  • Writing a Veterinary Practice Business Plan to Maximize Your Growth

Regulatory Compliance

There is a wide variety of regulations that touch on the operations of a veterinary practice, including those outlined in the California Vet Practice Act.

At the Pacific Health Law Group, PC, our office counsels veterinarians through the myriad of regulations that may affect their practice. Our services include:

  • Maintaining a Professional Veterinary Corporation
  • Properly Advertising and Protecting Intellectual Property 
  • Complying with California’s Vet Practice Act
  • Negotiations Management Support Services Agreements to Comply with Corporate Practice of Healthcare Regulations

Veterinary Clinic Staffing Issues

A veterinary clinic is staffed with both business support personal and veterinary allied professionals. Managing one’s employees in compliance with all applicable laws can be a tedious and strenuous task.

California and federal statutes provide a complex framework of rules and regulations governing the employer-employee relationship. Our employment law services include:

  • Drafting and Negotiating Veterinary Associate Agreements
  • Counseling Veterinarians on Employment Law Compliance Matters
  • Advising Veterinarians on How to Protect Their Trade Secrets and Confidential Information

Buying or Selling a Veterinary Practice

Despite the consolidations within the veterinary industry over the last decade, large players only make up about 15% of the market share.

While the infusion of private equity money has made an impact on where and when to open a clinic, new practitioners continue to open up individual clinics, mobile practices, and broadening facilities. One constant has been that selling or buying a clinic should be done only under the guidance of a business attorney who is experienced in veterinary practice sales and acquisitions.

At the Pacific Health Law Group, PC, we are proud to offer a full array of veterinary clinic transition services to ensure that any transition, whether you are buying or selling a veterinary clinic, goes as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Click on the articles below for a checklist of issues to consider before buying or selling a veterinary practice:

  • What Should be Included in a Veterinary Practice Letter of Intent
  • Transition Issues for Veterinarians Buying a Veterinary Clinic
  • Checklist for Veterinarians Looking to Sell Their Veterinary Clinic
  • The Difference Between a Stock and Asset Purchase Agreement

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