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Owning a veterinary practice is a huge responsibility. Not only must a vet care for sick (animal) patients on a daily basis, but also understand the multiple state and federal laws that govern veterinary business operation in California. At the Pacific Health Law Group, our Los Angeles veterinary business attorneys understand the unique issues that you and your veterinary practice face, and want to help protect your investment so you can secure the best future for your business as possible.

Why Work with an Attorney Who’s Experienced in Veterinary Law?

When you hire a healthcare attorney who is experienced in veterinary law– and not just general business law–you are hiring an attorney who understands issues that are unique to your business, including veterinary business formation, veterinary-specific agreement, and operation. Hiring an attorney who doesn’t know a thing about what issues your business is facing, may be more costly and stressful over time.

Our Los Angeles Veterinary Law Practice Areas 

Our Los Angeles veterinary law practice areas extend well beyond just business formation and contract creation; we can provide you with legal counsel for  all legal issues your business may face. In fact, even if you are not planning on making any changes to your veterinary practice right now or in the immediate future, having an attorney as part of your team whom you can call anytime you have a legal question can prove helpful in avoiding potentially messy legal situations. Our practice areas include:

  • Veterinary practice business formation. The formation of a veterinary business can be very complicated. Some veterinary practices are formed via the start of a whole new business, which broaches the issues regarding business entity type, business name, leasing space, hiring employees, etc. In other cases, a veterinary practitioner may join an existing business as a partner or associate, or acquire an existing business. Understanding legal transactions like veterinary associate buy-in, veterinary mergers and acquisitions, and veterinary partnerships and corporations are critical – our attorneys can help.
  • Veterinary employment agreements and employment law compliance. Hiring employees is a legally intensive process, requiring an understanding of state and federal employment laws. Such is the case for veterinary practices. Things like employee handbooks, healthcare, wages and hours, and employment contracts must all be considered.
  • Veterinary business space needs. If you are joining or acquiring an existing practice, the issue of space may not be pressing. However, if you are looking to form a veterinary business, or expand an existing practice, whether you will buy or lease space is a big question. Each has advantages and drawbacks, and either way, it is important that you understand real estate transaction contracts, lease agreements, use agreements, and other issues that may arise.
  • Compliance with veterinary-specific laws in California. In order to practice veterinary medicine in California, you must do so in compliance with the California Veterinary Medical Practice Act. Compliance with the act addresses myriad issues, including but not limited to euthanasia, anesthesia, prescriptions, animal health care, record keeping, dental care and operation, and more. Not only do we understand all regulations and laws that are you bound by, but we can help to ensure your practice operates within those regulations, and defend your practice if an issue of non-compliance occurs.
  • Dispute resolution. In all businesses, disputes are common. Disputes and potential legal issues that may arise include noncompliance issues, employment issues, breaches of contracts, lease agreement issues, partnership issues, and more. When a dispute surfaces, understanding the best practices for resolving the dispute out of court through mediation and negotiation can help to save you time and money, and protect your best interests. Remember that when disputes are publicized and go to court, this can have more than an effect on your business’ profits and longevity, but also on your business and personal reputation as well.
  • Estate planning services. Our legal services extend beyond just helping your business to operate as efficiently as possible and within the realm of the law. We also know how hard you have worked to get to where you are in life, and work with qualified estate planning attorneys to assist you in creating an estate plan that provides you with peace of mind for when you retire, as well as what will happen to your estate when you are no longer around to manage it.

Preparing for Your Future with Smart Business Choices 

One of the smartest things that you can do for your veterinary business is to hire a knowledgeable veterinary attorney in L.A. with experience advising practices like yours. When you hire a veterinary business attorney, you not only protect yourself with a legal professional who can counsel you on day-to-day matters that are designed to preserve business well-being, but also mitigate your risk of being involved in lawsuits and other legal issues.

When you call our law firm, we will work hard for you. We have more than a decade’s worth of experience providing counsel to veterinary practitioners in Los Angeles and surrounding areas and have the knowledge and passion your business deserves. To schedule a consultation with our law firm today, please call us at (310) 776-5384, or send us a message using the form on our website. Our goal is to provide you with comprehensive services that are designed to add value to your practice.


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