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We Help Dentists Start-Up and Scale-Up Businesses in Long Beach 


At Pacific Health Law Group, P.C., our Long Beach dental law attorney has the skills, legal training, and professional experience that you can rely on. It is our goal to help dentists start, develop, and manage their professional practice. We are devoted to providing personalized, solutions-oriented business law support to health professionals. For a completely private initial appointment with a top healthcare law attorney in Los Angeles County, please contact us today. 

We Provide the Complete Business Law Solution to Dentists in Long Beach 

The California business law team at the Pacific Health Law Group, P.C. provides reliable, white-glove legal services to dentists and other healthcare professionals. With a sole focus on healthcare law, we understand that dentistry is a competitive industry. Our boutique business law practice emphasizes personalized representation and cost-effective services. An overview of business law services that we provide to dental practices in Long Beach includes: 

  • Dental Business Formation: Are you preparing to start-up a new dental practice in Long Beach, California? Building your own dental practice can be a great way to take your career to the next level. At the same time, the dental industry is complicated. In order to achieve durable success, a professional practice in any health care field needs the right foundation. We help clients put the proper legal structure in place for their business. If you have any questions about forming a dental practice, our Long Beach dental law attorney can help. 
  • The Purchasing or Selling of a Business: As a boutique business law firm with an exclusive focus on health industry practices, we have extensive experience helping clients navigate the transition of a professional practice. Buying or selling a dental practice in Los Angeles County, CA is a huge decision with major financial ramifications. Our Long Beach dental lawyer protects the legal rights and financial interests of clients through every step of the purchase or sale of a business. 
  • Governance of Your Dental Practice: A dental practice in Long Beach needs the proper legal foundation to be in the best position for success. Dentists also need to ensure that the day-to-day governance of their practice is handled properly. A dental practice that is governed well and managed efficiently will be in the strongest position in the long run. Relatively small differences in the efficiency of a professional practice can add up over time. Our Long Beach business lawyer for dentists is experienced with corporate governance. 
  • Contract Law: We help dentists in California with the negotiation, drafting, and review of a wide array of commercial and professional contracts. You should never sign an agreement until you are confident that it will effectively protect your interests and achieve the desired purpose. If you have any questions about business contracts, contact our Long Beach, CA dental lawyer for immediate assistance. 
  • Regulatory Compliance: Every business has to comply with certain state and federal regulations. For dentists who own a practice in Long Beach, many of the key regulations come from the Dental Board of California. Our business law firm for health professionals helps California dentists with complex regulatory matters. We will protect your business and your career. For more details about how regulations could affect your business, please do not hesitate to contact our Long Beach dental lawyer for a strictly private consultation. 


Levi Barlavi is a Top California Business Attorney for Dentists

Levi Barlavi is a proud member of the American Health Lawyers Association and the Health Law Section of the American Bar Association. He has devoted his professional practice to helping dentists and other healthcare professionals launch and develop theirs. With our firm, dentists have access to a business law advocate who will provide reliable, cost-effective guidance and support through every step of the process. Among other things, our Long Beach dental attorney will: 

  • Answer your questions and discuss your options during a fully remote initial appointment.
  • Gather and organize all of the documents, records, and business information.
  • Develop a comprehensive plan of action to protect your rights and your dental practice.  

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At Pacific Health Law Group, P.C., our Long Beach dental law attorney is an experienced, effective, and trusted advocate for clients. If you need help forming or developing a dental practice, our team can help. Schedule your consultation with a top attorney today. We provide commercial law services to dentists in Long Beach, Los Angeles County, and throughout all of Southern California.