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At Pacific Health Law Group, P.C., our Newport Beach dental attorney takes a white-glove, detail-driven approach to legal representation. As a boutique law firm focused on personalized legal representation, we have a passion for helping dentists start up and scale-up their own professional practice. For a strictly confidential consultation with a top business lawyer for dentists in California, please contact us today. 

We Help Dentists in Newport Beach Start-Up, Develop, and Transition their Practice

We are a law firm that is solely focused on helping dentists and other healthcare professionals start up, develop, and transition their professional practice. Our legal team is ready to assist dentists in Newport Beach with each and every aspect of their dental practices. Whether you are starting a new practice from the ground up, ready for retirement, or need any type of business law guidance, we are prepared to help. Legal services we provide to dentists in Newport Beach include: 

  • Start-Up of a Dental Practice: Starting a dental practice can be a complex process. Only when your professional practice has the right legal and commercial foundation will it be in the best position to thrive. You do not have to create a practice on your own. Our Newport Beach, CA dental lawyer can guide you through the process. We can help you choose the appropriate business structure, register your practice with relevant agencies, and obtain the necessary permits and licenses. Want more information about the dental practice start-up process in California? Contact our business law team today. 
  • Buying or Selling a Practice: It is normal for dental practices to transition from one phase to another. Whether you are buying a practice, selling a practice, or are involved in any other type of transition, our Newport Beach dental lawyer legal team is here to work with you through the complexities of the transaction and the process in general. We offer a range of services, including valuation of dental practices, due diligence, contract drafting and negotiation, and advice on tax implications.
  • Governance of Your Dental Practice: Running a successful dental practice requires effective governance and management practices. A healthcare practice with sloppy governance practices is at high risk of running into problems. Our Newport Beach, CA dental law attorney offers a comprehensive range of business governance guidance to dentists. You do not have to work out business governance alone. We aim to help you establish and maintain effective governance practices that support long-term success.
  • Contracts: All successful dental practices need well-drafted contracts. Indeed, contracts are a fundamental part of any modern business. It could be employment contracts for staff or vendor agreements for supplies and equipment. Regardless, our Newport Beach dental law attorney is prepared to help you draft, negotiate, and review contracts to ensure they comply with applicable laws and regulations. We can also provide ongoing support in contract management to ensure compliance and minimize legal risks.
  • Regulatory Matters: Dentistry is a highly regulated industry in California. There are numerous state and federal regulations that dentists should be aware of, including the requirements from the California Dental Board. Our business law firm for dentists assists clients with the full range of regulatory matters. If you have any questions, please contact our Newport Beach dental attorney for immediate assistance. 

How Newport Beach, CA Dental Attorney Levi Barlavi Can Help

Dentists trust Newport Beach dental attorney Levi Barlavi because of his dedication to empowering dental professionals with tailored legal solutions. As a member of the California Society of Healthcare Attorneys, Levi demonstrates his commitment to staying informed on the latest developments in healthcare law. He is a true expert in the field. 

His empathetic approach, driven by his personal ties to the medical community, allows him to effectively address the specific concerns of dentists. Levi’s impressive track record, combined with his memberships in prestigious legal organizations, instills confidence in his ability to provide valuable, cost-effective support. Dentists in Newport Beach and throughout Southern California can rely on Levi Barlavi to navigate the intricacies of their profession with assurance and ease.

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At Pacific Health Law Group, P.C., our Newport beach dental law attorney has the unique legal and professional expertise that dentists can rely on. We are focused on informative, cost-effective solutions. Schedule your consultation today. We provide business law services to dentists in Newport Beach and throughout the surrounding communities in Orange County.