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We Provide Reliable Business Law Services to Dentists in Pomona


At Pacific Health Law Group, P.C., our Pomona dental attorney possesses the professional, commercial, and legal skills and experience you can rely on. Our firm is dedicated to assisting healthcare professionals in building their own successful practices. Whether you have questions about practice development, transitioning, or building, we are a trusted legal resource. To arrange a strictly confidential consultation, please contact our California business lawyer for dentists today.

We Provide Comprehensive Business Law Services for Dentists in Pomona

Pacific Health Law Group, P.C. specializes in business law, catering to the unique needs of healthcare practitioners, including dentists in Pomona. Our legal services offer a comprehensive array of tailored solutions for dental professionals. Whether you are forming, developing, or transforming your dental practice, we provide trustworthy guidance. Notable examples of the commercial law services we offer to dentists in Pomona include:

  1. Professional Practice Formation: Starting a dental practice is challenging, but with our proven experience, we can guide you in forming a business with the right structure for success. Contact our Pomona attorney for assistance in starting up your dental practice.
  2. Dental Practice Transitions: Buying or selling a dental practice requires sound legal representation. We prioritize our clients’ best interests, providing expert guidance during transitions.
  3. Business Governance: The competitive dental industry in Southern California demands solid business administration practices for thriving dental practices. We have the skills and expertise to assist Pomona dentists with various governance matters.
  4. Drafting, Negotiating, and Reviewing Contracts: Contracts are vital in the dental industry. From employment contracts to vendor/supplier agreements, we can handle the full spectrum of contract issues for dentists in Pomona.
  5. Industry Regulations: Complying with stringent regulations is crucial for dental practices in California. Our Pomona dental lawyer can help ensure full regulatory compliance.

How Pomona Dental Lawyer Levi Barlavi Can Help

Forming, operating, and developing a successful dental practice in Southern California is complex. Our principal attorney, Levi Barlavi, concentrates on delivering business law services to healthcare practitioners and possesses unique insights into the dental industry through his wife’s active dental practice in California. When you contact our law firm, you’ll connect with a Pomona dental attorney who can:

  • Listen to your story and address legal questions about your dental practice.
  • Help you explore and understand all available options.
  • Approach legal matters to protect your rights and interests effectively.

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Pacific Health Law Group, P.C., offers an experienced, reliable, and solution-oriented legal advocate for dentists. Schedule your strictly confidential consultation today. Our firm provides a full range of business law services to dental practices in Pomona, eastern Los Angeles County, and surrounding areas in Southern California.