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We Provide Business Law Services to Dentists Throughout the San Francisco Bay Area


At Pacific Health Law Group, P.C., our San Francisco dental attorney is an experienced and solutions-driven business law advocate. With an entirely legal practice dedicated to providing business law services to healthcare professionals, we specialize in helping clients add value to their professional practice. Our firm builds great systems that produce true results. To arrange a fully confidential appointment with a San Francisco business lawyer for dentists, please contact us today. 

Our Firm Helps Dentists in San Francisco Start-Up and Scale-Up their Businesses 

We are a unique, boutique law firm that specializes in providing business law solutions to healthcare professionals, including dentists in San Francisco. Our legal team has a deep understanding of the unique legal challenges that dentists often face, and we are dedicated to helping our clients protect their interests and grow their businesses. Whether you are starting a new dental practice, purchasing an existing one, or looking to expand your existing operations, we have the skill you can count on. Business law services that we provide to dentists in San Francisco include: 

  • Start-Up of a Dental Practice: The healthcare industry is competitive—and dentistry is no exception. A dental practice in San Francisco needs the right foundation to thrive. We have considerable experience helping dentists in California start their businesses. If you are a dentist looking to start a new professional practice in the Bay Area, our San Francisco dental lawyer is here to be your legal guide. Our firm provides comprehensive services, including handling professional incorporation, leasing of commercial space, and developing partnership and/or shareholder agreements. 
  • Buying/Selling a Practice: The purchase or sale of a dental practice is a major commercial transaction. It needs to be handled with the highest level of professional skill. Our San Francisco business lawyer for dentists helps clients buy, acquire, and sell professional practices. We handle everything from due diligence to the negotiation of sales contracts. 
  • Business Governance: Similar to any other healthcare industry business, a dental practice that does not have the right governance structure in place will be in a far less advantageous position. Efficiency matters. Our San Francisco, CA dental law attorney helps clients with a full spectrum of business governance and business operational matters—from corporate filings to marketing/advertising to the protection of trade secrets. 
  • Commercial Contracts: We assist dental professionals in the San Francisco Bay Area with all types of contract law matters. It is essential that your business has agreements that you can trust. Whether you are negotiating a joint venture contract, a commercial lease agreement, a business agreement with a vendor or supplier, or any other type of agreement, our San Francisco attorney is ready to help. 
  • Regulation of Dental Practices: Dentists who own and operate their own professional practice should not overlook the impact that regulations can have on their business. It is imperative that your practice complies with all relevant legal regulations, including those from the Dental Board of California. If you have any questions about regulations, contact our San Francisco dental lawyer for help. 

Why Dentists Rely On California Business Lawyer Levi Barlavi 

Building and growing a successful dental practice in San Francisco is complicated. Founded by Levi Barlavi, the Pacific Health Law Group, P.C. is a law firm dedicated solely to the business law needs of healthcare professionals. Attorney Barlavi has a deep and personal understanding of the challenges that dentists face. Not only does he come from a family of doctors, but his wife is also a practicing dentist in California and he himself is a business owner. We are passionate about helping clients find proactive, cost-effective solutions. Our San Francisco dental attorney is here to: 

  • Conduct a comprehensive and confidential initial evaluation of your legal case.
  • Gather all documents, records, and information necessary to protect your interests.
  • Take action to help you build up, scale up, or transition your dental practice. 

Contact Our San Francisco Business Law Attorney for Dentists

At Pacific Health Law Group, P.C., our San Francisco dental lawyer is committed to empowering clients with the clarity, confidence, and peace of mind that they need. Do you have any legal questions about owning or operating a dental practice? We can help. Schedule your consultation today. We provide business law services to dentists in San Francisco and throughout the Bay Area, including in San Jose, Oakland, Fremont, Santa Rosa, Hayward, Mountain View, and Sunnyvale.