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We Help Dentists in Santa Clarita Start and Build their Professional Practice

At Pacific Health Law Group, P.C., our Santa Clarita business lawyer for dentists has more than a decade of experience assisting healthcare professionals build, develop, and grow their own professional practice in California. Our team takes a white-glove approach designed to ensure that our clients are in the best position to achieve their goals. If you have any specific business law questions about a dental practice, we are here to help. To set up your completely confidential initial consultation, please contact us today. 

We Help Dentists in Santa Clarita With All Types of Business Law Matters

Pacific Health Law Group, P.C. is a boutique business law firm focused on helping dentists build and develop their own professional practices. We are well-positioned to work with dentists in Santa Clarita and throughout the surrounding area in Los Angeles County. Our legal team prides itself on    providing exceptional, personalized legal services. We are here to help you in the process of launching, growing, and reinventing your dental practices. Business law services that we offer to dentists in Santa Clarita include:

  • Business Formation (Dental Practice): Setting up a dental practice in Santa Clarita is a complex, multi-faceted process. It is imperative that you have the right plan. We guide dentists through the wide-ranging business issues involved in the creation of a professional practice. Along with other key things, we are available to assist Santa Clarita with the selection of the right legal entity, the registration of the practice, permitting issues, and employment law matters. For any issues related to starting a new dental practice, please do not hesitate to reach out to our Santa Clarita dental lawyer for help. 
  • Business Transitions (Buying/Selling a Dental Practice: Change is a constant in a dental career. Whether you are preparing for the process of the purchase of a dental practice, the sale of a dental practice, a merger with another practice, or the retirement of a dentist, a transition is complicated. We are here to manage business law issues to ensure your interests are safeguarded. Our Santa Clarita dental lawyer is a reliable legal authority for dentists. We are committed to facilitating a smooth and continuous process. 
  • Business Governance and Operational Efficiency: Efficient governance and management practices are absolutely critical for operating a successful dental practice. It is a highly competitive industry and dentists in Santa Clarita need the proper business administration to streamline their daily practice operations. We offer reliable business law advice on a broad range of matters, including business strategy, board management, employment laws matters, and a broad spectrum of other business issues. Our core goal is to ensure that dentists can build and maintain an effective practice. 
  • Contracts for Your Santa Clarita Dental Practices: Contracts form an integral part of any successful dental practice in Los Angeles County. If you are a dentist running a practice in Santa Clarita, you will likely deal with a broad spectrum of commercial agreements as part of your business—from contracts for employees to supplier agreements to joint venture contracts. Our Santa Clarita dental law attorney supports dentists in drafting, negotiating, and reviewing contracts. Our objective is to protect your best interests.
  • California Dental Practice Regulations: Dentistry, like other healthcare sectors, is subject to comprehensive regulation in California. Dental practitioners who own a business must follow all applicable laws. These regulations cover everything from patient confidentiality to insurance billing. Our Santa Clarita, CA, dental law attorney is ready to answer any questions about industry regulations.

Why Dentists Work With Santa Clarita Business Lawyer Levi Barlavi

Levi Barlavi is “The Dental Attorney” in Southern California. With extensive experience representing dentists and with a wife who is a practicing dentist, Attorney Barlavi brings truly unique insight to the table. He has a deep understanding of the professional and legal challenges that dentists face when starting up and scaling up their own professional practice. We are proactive and committed to personal attention. Along with other issues, our Santa Clarita business lawyer for dentists can:

  • Initiate a comprehensive review and evaluation of your case.
  • Answer questions about dental law in California.
  • Take a strategic approach to put your dental practice in the best position to thrive.  

Contact Our Santa Clarita, CA Dental Attorney for Immediate Help 

At Pacific Health Law Group, P.C., our Santa Clarita dental lawyer has the unique, specialized legal skills and experience that you can trust to help you form, develop, and grow your professional practice. You are not alone. Schedule a strictly confidential consultation today. We provide business support to dentists in Santa Clarita and all across the wider region.