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Welcome to Pacific Health Law Group, P.C., where our West Hollywood dental attorney brings experience and proven advocacy to our valued clients. Our approach is white-glove, solutions-focused, driven by a deep passion for assisting dentists in building and growing their professional practices. If you have questions about our services, we are here to provide answers. Contact us today for a fully confidential consultation with a top-tier West Hollywood business lawyer specializing in dental practice.

Comprehensive Business Services for Dentists in West Hollywood, CA

Pacific Health Law Group, P.C. is a specialized business law firm dedicated to serving individual healthcare professionals, including dentists. Our mission is to help West Hollywood dentists in starting, developing, or transitioning their professional practices to ensure they are optimally positioned for success. We offer a full spectrum of business law services tailored to the unique needs of dentists in West Hollywood, CA. Our attorney assists clients in various areas, including:

  1. Dental Practice Formation: Embarking on the journey to establish your own dental practice in West Hollywood is a significant milestone. Beyond choosing the right office location, the legal foundation of your practice is of utmost importance. We are here to address all your concerns and guide you through the complexities of dental practice formation in Southern California. Contact our West Hollywood dental lawyer for expert assistance.
  2. Buying/Selling a Dental Practice: If you are considering buying or selling a dental practice in West Hollywood, it’s vital to navigate these complex transactions with professionalism and care. Our experience covers dental practice valuations, due diligence, and contract negotiations, ensuring a smooth process. Contact our West Hollywood dental lawyer for expert guidance on buying or selling a dental practice.
  3. Business Governance for Dental Practice: Effective business governance is essential for the seamless day-to-day operations of every dental practice in West Hollywood. Our firm is well-versed in assisting clients with various business governance matters, including creating by-laws, and partnership agreements, handling employment law matters, and more. Whether you operate independently or as part of a broader practice, our West Hollywood dental attorney is ready to help you establish the right governance structure.
  4. Negotiation and Review of Contracts: Contracts are at the heart of dental practice operations, covering employment agreements, equipment leasing, vendor agreements, and supplier agreements. Our focus is on providing you with contracts that minimize the risk of disputes and protect your best interests. If you have questions about contracts for your dental practice, our West Hollywood business lawyer for dentists is here to help.
  5. Dental Industry Regulations in California: Compliance with dental industry regulations is essential. Falling out of compliance with California’s regulations can lead to serious sanctions. Our experienced business law team for healthcare professionals can help you navigate licensing mandates, patient care protocols, medical record laws, and other regulations. Contact our top-tier West Hollywood, CA business lawyer for dentists for comprehensive guidance on regulatory compliance.

How West Hollywood Dental Attorney Levi Barlavi Can Help

Starting or developing a professional practice in Southern California comes with its share of challenges. Our founder and principal attorney, Levi Barlavi, is an experienced business law advocate with specialized experience in working with dentists. With in-depth knowledge of the healthcare industry, he is well-equipped to assist you. When you connect with our legal team, you will have the opportunity to work with a West Hollywood dental law attorney who can:

  • Listen to your concerns and guide you through the next steps.
  • Assist you in gathering and preparing all relevant business documents and records.
  • Develop a personalized strategy tailored to help you achieve your unique goals.

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At Pacific Health Law Group, P.C., our West Hollywood dental attorney is dedicated to helping healthcare professionals efficiently and effectively achieve their business objectives. We prioritize your rights and interests above all else. Schedule your consultation today. Our law firm provides comprehensive business law services to dentists in West Hollywood and throughout all of Los Angeles County.