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We Provide a Full Suite of Business Law Services to Dentists in Burbank


At Pacific Health Law Group, P.C., our Burbank dental lawyer has a proven record of success helping healthcare professionals build and develop their own practice. We put a strong emphasis on working with dentists in Southern California. If you have any questions about starting, transitioning, buying/selling, or operating a dental practice, we are here as a resource. Contact us online today to set up your completely confidential consultation with a top California healthcare law attorney. 

An Overview of the Business Service We Provide to Dentists in Burbank

Pacific Health Law Group, P.C., stands out from the competition as a truly specialized legal firm. We focus exclusively on catering to the business law requirements of healthcare professionals, including dentists in Burbank. As a boutique firm that takes a white-glove approach to client service, we are dedicated to providing individualized legal services. Our aim is to support clients in launching, expanding, and transforming their dental practices while carefully adhering to relevant regulations. Along with other business law matters, our Burbank dental attorney helps clients with: 

  • Formation of a Dental Practice: Launching a dental practice in Burbank entails a multi-faceted approach. There are a number of different legal and regulatory obligations. We guide dentists through the full scope of intricacies involved in setting up a professional practice. Notable examples include selecting a suitable business framework, registering the practice with relevant authorities, acquiring permits and licenses, and implementing employment practices for staff. For any issues related to the establishment of a new dental practice, our Burbank dental attorney is available to help.
  • Buying and Selling of a Dental Practice: Change is an almost unavoidable part of a dental career. It could be purchasing or selling a dental practice, merging with another practice, or retiring. Transitions are complicated—but you do not have to navigate everything all by yourself. We are here to handle business law matters so that your best interests are protected. Our Burbank, CA dental lawyer is a legal expert for dentists. We are prepared to work to facilitate a smooth and uninterrupted process. The acquisition, sale, or transformation of a dental practice constitutes a complicated business transaction. It demands top-notch legal advice and support for a reliable Burbank dental law attorney. 
  • Daily Governance of Your Dental Practices: Effective governance and management practices are essential for running a thriving dental practice. Proper business administration simplifies daily practice operations. We provide counsel on various business administration topics, including strategic planning, board management, executive remuneration, compliance with labor laws, and other concerns. Our primary objective is to help dentists create and sustain efficient governance practices that promote lasting success.
  • Drafting and Reviewing Contracts for Your Practice: Contracts are a core element of any dental practice. As a dentist who owns and operates a practice in Southern California, you will likely be required to deal with a wide array of commercial agreements—ranging from employment contracts for personnel to vendor agreements for supplies and equipment. Our Burbank dental law lawyer aids dentists in drafting, negotiating, and assessing contracts. We are focused on safeguarding our best interests. 
  • Dental Law Regulations: The field of dentistry is subject to extensive regulation. As with other areas of healthcare law, dental practitioners who own a business comply with numerous federal and state laws. These regulations oversee everything from issues of patient confidentiality to matters of insurance billing. For any inquiries concerning industry regulations, our Burbank, CA dental law attorney is prepared to assist.

Why Burbank Dentists Trust Healthcare Law Attorney Levi Barlavi

The dental industry is complicated. Owning your own practice may be your dream—but building a successful business is challenging. Our founder and managing attorney Levi Barlavi comes from a family of doctors. His wife is an actively practicing dentist in California. With a sole focus on providing business law services to healthcare professionals, we have unique insight into the challenges facing our clients. Specifically, our Burbank business attorney for dentists is ready to: 

  1. Listen to your story and answer your business questions. 
  2. Gather all relevant financial/business documents, records, and information.
  3. Develop a personalized strategy narrowly focused on achieving your goals. 

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At Pacific Health Law Group, P.C., our Burbank dental law attorney has the specialized skills and unique legal and personal expertise that you can count on. If you have any business questions about a dental practice, we are here to help. Schedule a fully confidential consultation today. We provide business law services to dentists in Burbank and throughout the southeastern San Fernando Valley.