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At Pacific Health Law Group, P.C., our Lancaster dental attorney is diligent, experienced, informative, and an effective advocate for clients. We take a white-glove, personalized approach to helping dentists build, grow, maintain, and transition their professional practice. If you have any questions about owning or operating your own dental practice, our business law firm for healthcare professionals is here as a resource. Contact us today for a strictly confidential initial consultation. 

We Provide a Full Suite of Business Law Services to Lancaster Dentists

Lancaster, CA, a thriving city in Los Angeles County’s Antelope Valley. It boasts picturesque desert landscapes, year-round sunshine, and a vibrant, fast-growing community. At Pacific Health Law Group, P.C., we are proud to provide legal services to clients in Lancaster. As a specialized law firm that focuses entirely on helping healthcare professionals—including dentists—start-up and scale-up their professional practice, we offer truly unique and unparalleled insight. Some of the most notable business law services that we provide to dentists in Lancaster include: 

  • Business Formation (Dental Practice): While setting up a dental practice in Lancaster, CA, is exciting, it can also prove to be an overwhelming endeavor. It demands substantial investments in time, finances, and professional effort by a dentist. When done properly, the personal, professional, and financial rewards can be substantial. Numerous legal aspects must be addressed during the creation and initiation of a dental practice—from choosing the right business structure to applying for all applicable licenses and permits. Our Lancaster, CA dental attorney possesses extensive experience in business formation.
  • Buying and Selling a Dental Practice: Are you planning to purchase, sell, or otherwise modify the ownership of a dental practice in Lancaster? You may have a lot of questions about what comes next. It is imperative that you have a reliable legal representative on your side. These are complex and high-value commercial transactions. They require expert guidance. Our Lancaster legal advocate for dentists has the necessary skills and specialized knowledge to safeguard your financial and professional interests throughout the process.
  • Governance for Business Operations: A dental practice in Southern California needs the right legal foundation in order to thrive. That being said, putting the right structure in place is not sufficient. Day-to-day business governance matters. We are committed to helping dentists put an effective legal system in place for business management and business operations. Doing so is vital for the long-term prosperity of any dental practice in Lancaster.  If you have any specific questions about dental practice governance, we are here to help. 
  • Commercial Contacts: Dental practices in California depend on contracts—from employment agreements to joint venture arrangements to transactions with vendors and suppliers. Reliable contracts are necessary to protect your professional practice. Our Lancaster, CA business law attorney drafts, negotiates, and reviews contracts for clients. For any specific questions regarding contracts and your dental practice, please feel free to reach out to us for assistance.
  • Dental Practice Regulations: Dentistry—similar to other healthcare practice areas in California—is subject to strict regulations. Dentists operating their professional practices in Los Angeles County must ensure full compliance with applicable state and federal regulations. We are well-versed in dentistry regulations. If you have any questions about regulatory matters, our Lancaster dental law attorney is more than happy to help.

Why Dentists in Lancaster Count On Attorney Levi Barlavi 

Building a successful dental practice is complicated. The right legal advocate in your corner can make all of the difference. Our founding attorney Levi Barlavi comes from a family of licensed healthcare professionals. As he has built his own professional legal practice and his wife is a dentist in California, Attorney Barlavi offers a unique perspective. We are focused on cost-effective, high quality solutions. When you contact our legal team, you will be able to consult with a Lancaster business advocate for dentists who can: 

  1. Hear your story, help you evaluate your options, and answer questions; 
  2. Handle legal paperwork and help you gather relevant business/financial records; and
  3. Craft a personalized strategy to put you in the best position to achieve your goals. 

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At Pacific Health Law Group, P.C., our Lancaster business law attorney for dentists is standing by, ready to protect your financial interests and help you develop your career. Have questions? We are here as a resource. Schedule a strictly confidential consultation today. We provide business services to dentists in Lancaster and throughout all of the northern part of Los Angeles County.