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We Protect Your Investment, So You Can Grow Your Practice

Veterinarians are in high demand, so now is the perfect time to start your practice. About 70% of households have at least one pet, and millions more have horses or other animals which need medical care. With demand so high, more and more veterinarians are deciding that now is the time to start their own clinic or even boarding facilities. Veterinarians report high job satisfaction, so any practice you open is likely to be operating for decades to come.

Unfortunately, starting a practice poses certain hurdles, and many veterinarians would rather focus on their clients than complying with regulations they might not fully understand. To help get your practice off the ground, you should meet with an experienced San Diego veterinary attorney who can assist in creating a plan for your clinic and protecting it from predictable legal risks.

Do You Need to Hire a Veterinary Attorney?

Southern California has many healthcare attorneys. But few have sufficient experience in veterinary law. Pacific Health Law Group, PC understands the different regulatory and legal risks that a veterinary practice faces, including the risk of contract disputes. We can use our experience to protect your company, allowing it to thrive and grow.

We have been at the forefront of helping veterinary professionals in California for several years. This is an industry we have grown very familiar with, and we offer our legal services to anyone looking to start or grow their business.

Getting a Practice Off the Ground

Opening a practice actually begins with planning. Many questions need to be answered, such as what type of clinic you hope to open. Although brick-and-mortar clinics are still standard, other veterinarians have found satisfaction providing mobile services. A mobile clinic is especially attractive for reaching a wider geographic clientele or when servicing elderly clients who might not be able to bring a pet into the clinic.

Successful entrepreneurs have a detailed business plan in place before hanging up a shingle. Our San Diego veterinarian attorney can help you craft a business plan to increase your company’s growth and identify the best entity structure for your needs.

Compliance Matters

The California Veterinary Medicine Practice Act lays out many regulations for veterinarians in the Golden State. Some of these regulations are confusing or onerous to comply with. At Pacific Health Law Group, we help veterinarians with compliance needs. We can help you maintain your corporate structure, protect intellectual property, ethically advertise, and ensure all contracts comply with applicable laws.

Employment & Staffing Issues

Both federal and state law heavily regulate the employer-employee relationship. Many veterinarians do not want to spend time keeping up with ever-changing regulations or creating an employment contract. Fortunately, a San Diego veterinary attorney can ensure your practice follows all laws, which protects your company.

We can:

  • Create and negotiate employment contracts
  • Advise on employment related matters
  • Discuss the desirability of non-disclosure agreements
  • Protect trade secrets and proprietary information

Veterinary Practice Transactions

One option for those looking to enter the field is to buy an existing practice. This option promotes continuity in communities which use veterinary services and provides the buyer with an established customer base. Those vets who are retiring (or looking to move) can avoid shuttering the practice but realize some profit from years of hard work.

Buying or selling a vet practice requires more than a handshake. Instead, there are many regulations and legal issues to consider, including identifying just which assets will be sold. A veterinary attorney who has business acumen can be a terrific asset, protecting your investment and avoiding any disputes which might break out later.

Pacific Health Law Group can ensure the smooth transition of ownership by working through a checklist of considerations before parties sign on the dotted line. Those looking to purchase a practice must consider whether they are taking on the practice’s debt and its uncollected accounts, as well as its leases. They also need to understand how to value a practice and acquire financing, if necessary. Without the right legal advice, any purchase or sale could get bogged down and eventually fall through.

Speak with a San Diego Veterinary Attorney Today

Just like physicians, veterinarians need legal help with business services so that they can devote more attention to what matters most—their clients. Pacific Health Law Group is available online to discuss your concerns. Whether you are buying or selling a practice or starting one from scratch, we can help. Please contact us to get the help you need today.