Achieving Greatness: One Step at a Time

By July 15, 2022Blog
A business person building step by step

You likely have your fair share of great role models — notable doctors, famous figures, or even friends and family. They might seem like they’ve seen it all and done it all, reaching great heights you can only dream of yourself. Yet, the top of the mountain might seem far out of reach, especially when you’re just starting your own medical practice.

Ever wondered how you can achieve greatness yourself? I’ll let you in on a secret.

I was recently at a dinner with a young Hollywood director. He’s had commercial success in the past but just wrapped up a big project — major studio, big name actor, large budget. I was fascinated with the idea of being at the center of a project with so many stakeholders and pressure.

So, I asked him how he handled it.

The Tightrope Walker

This Hollywood director smiled at me and compared his success to being a tightrope walker.

The tightrope walker doesn’t start off by walking across two 40-foot buildings. Instead, they first decide to be a tightrope walker and then start scaling: two feet, then 10 feet, and eventually 40 feet.

They have already put in years of practice before being skilled enough to walk across two buildings. However, all those years are invisible to you, the onlooker. All you see is they’re walking fearlessly across two extremely tall buildings. Before they even got there, they first had to dream of becoming a tightrope walker.

He noted that this is similar to directing a major studio film, except you’re not risking your life.

First, you decide to become a director. Then, you start shooting and editing movies on your phone. Later, you shoot commercials. Someone spots your talent and hires you to direct an indie flick that gets some buzz. Only years later do you get hired to direct a studio film — it doesn’t happen overnight.

Greatness Is a Step-by-Step Process

After he shared his view, he asked me if it rang familiar to my practice. Indeed it did. First, I had the crazy idea to go out on my own early in my career. Then came the small matters, then bigger deals, and now the large caseloads.

With a bit more contemplation, I realized that such is the case with anything in life. When you first decide to open your own practice, the struggle is natural. When you’re starting from scratch, creating a business plan, getting financing, training staff, and finding clients are difficult. Instead of tackling everything at once, take it step-by-step and reflect on your progress years down the road.

Everyone starts somewhere. When you truly enjoy something, you no longer think about the pressure. Sure, it’s there, but the years you’ve put into your craft prepare you for the moment you finally find success.

The hardest part just might be deciding that you’re going to get on the tightrope that first time.

Your medical practice starts with a vision. It becomes a reality by achieving small goals that add up to larger milestones. Perhaps the first hurdle is understanding the financials or choosing the right lease. Whatever the case may be, it will pan out in increments over time, sometimes slowly but surely nonetheless.

What’s the Next Step?

The path forward is different for everyone. If you’re unsure what your next step should be, let me know — I strive to help my clients build their healthcare practices with confidence and ease. Book some time with me today to get started.