Man leaping to new heights

I quit my last job over ten years ago. Here’s what transpired.

The Breaking Point

I was an associate at a small employment defense law firm, mainly handling law and motion work. Frankly, I didn’t enjoy it.

I was set to take a vacation departing on a red-eye flight into my third year or so.

On the eve of my flight, a senior associate — like an assassin — handed me an assignment just as I was getting ready to leave. It was to be completed that night. It was close to 6 pm already, and he knew my flight was that evening.

I worked for about four more hours that night. Then, instead of a farewell dinner with my new girlfriend (now wife), we settled for fast food on the car ride to the airport.

I knew that night I wasn’t coming back to that job.

A New Trajectory

I gave my two-week notice when I got back from the trip, thanking my boss for the opportunity to work for him. After that, I had no animosity (I learned a lot from him).

I started my practice a month later with absolutely no clue what I was getting myself into. I just knew what I think I had always known: I wanted to work for myself.

With a leap of faith, some people start a new journey by jumping off a ledge with a goal. Others need to get pushed. I got pushed.

Lessons Learned

A few things have stayed with me ten years later:

  • While I struggled for many years to get my footing as a young practice owner, I’m eternally grateful for that assignment on the eve of my trip. Unfortunately, I may have languished at that job for years, which would have been worse in the long run.
  • If I’m honest, I knew the job wasn’t for me. I just didn’t have the gumption to find something worth my while.
  • Everything tastes better with a good partner, even Carl’s Jr.’s.

If you don’t like your work, be honest with yourself and find something else to do. Take that leap of faith before getting pushed. Life is more beautiful when lived with intention. If any young attorneys have made it this far in the post and have questions about going out on your own, message me on LinkedIn. I’m happy to help.

For doctors looking to start a practice, let me know if you relate to anything from this share. Besides a mindset shift, I can empower you with the legal foundation to get started on your new path. Book some time with me to get started on your leap of faith.