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So you’re thinking of starting a health practice, or any business for that matter. Of course, you’re going to need grit and determination.

However, your biggest asset or liability may be your husband, wife, or anyone else in your life that you lean on.

Don’t Underestimate Your Partner

Dealing with the ups and downs of starting any business is stressful. Add the curveballs that life throws your way, and it’s easy to understand where grit and determination come in. But it’s your husband or wife that can ultimately determine if you succeed or fail.

On the one hand, they can be your rock and rocket fuel. On the other hand, they can be a stress multiplier. Whatever the case may be, you’ll need to factor in how they influence the early days of your practice. Ignore their significance, and you’ll ignore a major factor in your overall success.

Having Each Other’s Back

I’m very fortunate. I met my wife around the same time I started my practice. I wanted to open my own practice, but I had no real sense of direction. I also had little savings, a lot of debt, and no business acumen. Not a great combo.

The early years were lean and stressful. But, if my wife ever doubted whether I would succeed, she never showed it. So instead, I always had someone to enjoy the ups and downs and who understood what it would take to get something off the ground.

This is crucial. Show appreciation for your partner when they’re clearly making sacrifices along the way. Don’t get so caught up in your business early on that you forget to verbalize and materialize your gratitude in meaningful ways.

She had my back, and I had hers; in fact, she started her dental practice a few years later.

You Both Win

As a result, the fruits of my labor are now much sweeter. My success is her success just as much. And vice versa. She’ll never read this. She’s not frequenting my blog or following me on LinkedIn. But I tell her all the time: Without her around, I’m not sure how this journey would have turned out. I would have succeeded, but the road would likely have been bumpier, and the journey wouldn’t have been as sweet.

When starting a business, ask yourself if you have someone in your corner that will add to your stress or be your rock. If they’re your rock, then the foundation for your success is there.

All you need now is grit and determination.

What Next?

For doctors, let me know if you’re feeling uneasy about navigating the early stages of your practice. If there’s anything you can take away from my story, I hope you see that I understand what you’re going through. Book some time with me so we can not only build an ironclad legal strategy to get you up and running but do so with confidence and peace of mind.